e-VRO @ INFORMS 2016

e-VRO’s Nick Kullman will present a Stochastic Dynamic Programming approach for solving the vehicle routing problem with uncertain charging station availability in the coming INFORMS conference in Nashville. Don’t miss his talk on Sunday, Nov. 13 at the 4:30 p.m. session in Room  Cumberland 5- Omni.


Technical report on the eVRP-NL

e-VRO’s A. Montoya, Ch. Guéret, J.E. Mendoza, and J.G. Villegas completed a paper on a hybrid metaheuristic to solve the electric vehicle routing problem with non-linear charging functions. You can download the technical report version here.

SI @ EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics

e-VRO’s Christelle Guéret and Jorge E. Mendoza are host editing a special issue (SI) for the EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics. The SI focuses on heuristics  for vehicle routing and logistics optimization. Particular attention will be given to papers dealing with electric VRPs. You can find the call for papers here. The deadline is October 15, 2016.

e-VRO @ VeRoLog 2016

e-VRO’s Alejandro Montoya presented his research on “the technician routing problem with conventional and electric vehicles” at the 5th meeting of the EURO working group on vehicle routing and logistics optimization (VeRoLog) held last week in Nantes. Here you can find an abstract of the talk. You can also request the slides by sending an email to: anr[dot]evro[at]gmail[dot]com.

e-VRO @ the PGMO seminars

e-VRO’s Alejandro Montoya presented his research on electric vehicle routing optimization at the PGMO seminar on March 17, 2016. His talk, titled contributions to the electric vehicle routing problems, covered optimisation algorithms and state-of-the-art results for two different e-VRP variants. You can find the abstract of the talk here. The slides are available upon request by email to: anr[dot]evro[at]gmail[dot]com.

Research seminar @ Polytech Tours

The second e-VRO research seminar will take place on Fev. 09, 2016 at Polytech Tours. The invited speaker is Justin Goodson from Saint Louis University. Justin will talk about “Offline-Online Approximate Dynamic Programming for Dynamic Vehicle Routing with Stochastic Requests”. Assistance is free and open to everyone. However for administrative purposes please register to the seminar by sending an email to jorge[dot]mendoza[at]univ-tours[dot]fr. An abstract of the talk is available here.