e-VRO @ the PGMO seminars

e-VRO’s Alejandro Montoya presented his research on electric vehicle routing optimization at the PGMO seminar on March 17, 2016. His talk, titled contributions to the electric vehicle routing problems, covered optimisation algorithms and state-of-the-art results for two different e-VRP variants. You can find the abstract of the talk here. The slides are available upon request by email to: anr[dot]evro[at]gmail[dot]com.


Technical report on a new e-VRP

e-VRO’s Alejandro Montoya, Christelle Guéret, Jorge E. Mendoza, and Juan G. Villegas just released a technical report on the “electric vehicle routing problem with partial charges and non-linear charging functions”.

The report (currently being considered for publication in an international journal) is accessible here.