About e-VRO

What is e-VRO?

Electric Vehicle Routing Optimization (e-VRO) is a 4-year research program funded by the National Research Agence (ANR for its acronym in French). The main objective of the program is to design, implement, test, and disseminate fast and effective algorithms for electric vehicle routing problems. The project officially started in January 2016 and will end in December 2020.

Who is involved?

e-VRO brings together researchers from French, United Statiens, Canadian, Italian, and Colombian teams.

Laboratoire d’Informatique de Université de Tours (LI) – France
Pr. Jean-Charles Billaut Pr. Yannick Kergosien
Pr. Jorge E. Mendoza (PI) Pr. Emmanuel Néron
Dr. Aurélien Froger (post-doc) Laura Echeverri (Ph.D. student)
Nicholas Kullman (Ph.D. student)  
Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes (LARIS) – France
Pr. Christelle Guéret Alejandro Montoya (Ph.D student)
HEC Montréal – Canada
Pr. Gilbert Laporte Dr. Cagri Kok (post-doc)
Samuel Pelletier (Ph.D. student)
Politecnico di Milano – Italy
Pr. Ola Jabali
Saint Louis University – USA
Pr. Justin Goodson
Universidad de Antioquia – Colombia
Pr. Juan G. Villegas
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